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Payout Percentages of slots at CasinoSaga Explained

CAsinoSaga Robin Hoood


CasinoSaga has proven to be quite a hit with more and more people benefitting from the boss battles and getting free spins and cash bonuses.

So far I have personally won 501 and also the maximum amount you can win during a boss battle 1000.


One thing that doesn’t get talked about a lot is the innovation of showing payout percentages of slots at Casinosaga.

If you have not created an account at CasinoSaga yet, I’ll explain what I’m talking about.


For each slot at CasinoSaga, once you hover over the thumbnail of the slot, you will see “SELECT MACHINE”.

In this example I have used Gonzo’s Quest.

CasinoSaga Payout Percentages


What this shows is the aggregate percentage payouts of Gonzo’s Quest at the different instances of the slot played at different parts of Saga Island.

If you’re a firm believer in luck, this will show you which instance of Gonzo’s Quest is HOT or running COLD.

The higher the payout percentage implies that the slot is pretty HOT.


In theory, because of the random nature of the way slots are made, it shouldn’t matter which instance you play because the probability on each instance of the slot is exactly the same.

Furthermore, the payout percentages are listed as having been calculated an hour ago so realistically, they could’ve been HOT an hour ago but may not be hot at the time you are playing.

So in this regard the payout percentages serve no purpose.


However, the Payouts Percentages may be used to see if a slot is actually worth playing.

If you see a large majority of payout percentages of a slot languishing in the below 60% zone, it is best to steer clear of them so as not to leave yourself broke and with a broken heart.

The payout percentages for each slot are an innovative addition by CasinoSaga but until we are given the intended interpretation, we will continue to be iffy about what their intended purpose is and whether they are significant or will aid the player in any way.


CasinoSaga Payout Percentages Gonzos Quest








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