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Betser Sports Betting has just released the Best Donald Trump Betting Odds

Donald Trump Betting Odds



The world inadvertently took a major turn when Donald Trump won the US Presidential Elections.

He is easily the most polarizing and controversial US President to ever hold office and one thing you can be guaranteed of is that its going to be a very long 4 year term for everyone as he implements his policies.


Betser Sports Betting has released the Best Donald Trump Betting Odds so that you can get into the action of betting on how Donald Trumps term is going to get on.


Some of these are quirky and really fun but in this crazy world we are currently living in, I won’t be surprised if some of these actually come to pass.


You never really know with Trump so anyway head over to Betser Sports Betting and make your predictions!



Best Donald Trump Betting Odds



Will Donald Trump be impeached in his 1st Term?

Yes: 2.00



Will Donald Trump resign in 2017?

Yes: 2.00



Donald Trump to withdraw US from the UN in the 1st Term?

Yes: 6.0



Stefan Lofvan will officially ban Donald Trump from entering Sweden.

Yes: 15.00



Swedes will be banned from entering the USA by Donald Trump.

Yes: 15.00



Melania to leave Trump in 2017.

Yes: 20.00



Trump Vs Miley Cyrus. Who will have more twitter followers by the end of 2017?

Trump: 1.50

Miley Cyrus: 2.40



Will @realDonaldTrump tweet @ibra_official in 2017?

Yes: 15.00



Donald Trump will have a game of golf with Kim Jong Un in 2017.

Yes: 20.00



Donald Trump to sue Betser for running these best Donald trump betting odds.

Yes: 10.00







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