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What is the Casino Heroes new Blitz Mode? We give you all the information right here.



Casino Heroes has launched a new function called the Blitz Mode. You may be wondering, “What is the Casino Heroes new Blitz Mode, and how does it work”? We reveal all of this information right here.



What is the Casino Heroes new Blitz Mode?


The Casino Heroes new Blitz Mode is an exclusive new game mode that is only available at Casino Heroes and Speedy Casino. Players will be playing the exact same slot games, but in Blitz Mode, players are able to play the same slot games up to six times faster. When players are in Blitz Mode, they will not be able to see any reels as they would in the traditional play mode of the game. There are no animation or effects either (as expected in the traditional play mode). Instead, players will see their accumulated winnings pulsating in a lightning ring on the screen.


If you are tired of the traditional play mode in online slot games, then give the Blitz Mode a try. This new fast-paced feature might just be what you’ve been looking for to spice up your online slot gaming runs.





How to use the Casino Heroes new Blitz Mode


Follow these simple steps to use the Blitz Mode feature:


Log into your Casino Heroes account.


Remember that only Casino Heroes players can use this feature. Sign up for a casino account if you are not yet a member.


Go to the Casino Lobby section and scroll down to the ‘Games with Blitz Mode’ section.





Choose the game of your choice and select the ‘Play ’ button.



Choose the number of spins that you want to play.



Remember that if you no longer want to play in the Blitz Mode, you can always return to the traditional play mode of the game.




Not yet a member at Casino Heroes?


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