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Bonanza Falls Slot Review and Where to play

Bonanza Falls Slot Review


Bonanza Falls Slot Verdict

We played the Bonanza Falls Slot since its release on the 25th of December 2023 and its been lots of low points with mostly 100x wins and the most we could garner was a 540x win which you can watch on our big win video below.

So is it Bonanza Falls or was it a whole lot of Bonanza Fails?
We break it all down below.


What we liked

1. Well, its finally here and maybe we can get that out of the way and maybe BTG can go and focus on building other great slots and not have to think about endless tweaking to avoid the sophomore slump.

2. The cost to buy the bonus round free spins isn’t too bad at 100x your bet amount.

3. It is possible to get a big win, but from our play time, and judging from the mechanics and the algorithm of the game, what you consider an epic big win on Bonanza Falls is essentially what we could manage which was 500x bet. It’ll be however very rare to hit a 7200xbet like we did on our Royale with Cheese big win video.

4. If it wasn’t for the buy feature, this slot would be dead in the water so I guess we have to say we liked the addition of it.



What we hated

1. The base game doesn’t pay much and you landing the elusive D to spell GOLD to trigger the free spins bonus round seems damn near impossible.

2. Not every win during the free spins bonus round adds an extra multiplier so if your multipliers aren’t stacking up on each win, your wins are not going to be that great unlike in the original Bonanza where each win gave you an additional multiplier.

3. The bonus round mechanics could really be much faster. The action of the coins falling is so slow and can be a drag and annoying, especially if you’re going through a dry spell and the slot just isn’t paying.
4. The lack of wins in the base game seems to be pointing you to rather use the buy now feature to try to make bank during the free spins bonus round.

5. In the original Bonanza Slot, six diamond symbols (The highest paying symbol) pays out 50x, in this Bonanza Falls, it only pays out 6x, that’s a HUGE downgrade.

6. The base game gamble feature when you win 100x your bet to get the free spins bonus is quite brutal for a game where the base game isn’t really paying much and in our opinion is a shitty pointless addition to a slot that doesn’t pay out well.

7. The gamble features in the base game also point to the fact that real wins are only possible in the free spins bonus round because the game pushes you into gambling to get 12 free spins.
Simply put, this is a bonus buy game more than anything else.


Final Verdict and Score: 4/10

The original Bonanza Slot reigns supreme over the sequel and you’re better off playing that.
The additional features don’t do much to enhance the enjoyment and the slow moving coins falling in the free spins bonus round can get annoying especially when you’re getting crappy wins.
This coupled with poor base game wins and the annoying temptation to gamble the little that you do win in the base game for 12 free spins that may amount to little can be quite infuriating.

Overall this slot is more Bonanza Fails than Bonanza Falls.



Where to play the Bonanza Falls Slot


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[WATCH] Bonanza Falls Big Win Video






About the Bonanza Falls Slot

The original Bonanza Slot was released in 2016 and so the sequel has been a long time coming.
Bonanza slot contains falling reels with 117649 ways to win. It comes with a RTP of 96.51% and a max win of x93540 and is a high volatility slot.
The Bonanza Falls slot was released on 25th December 2023, 7 years after the original Bonanza.


Base Game Features


Win Exchange feature

When playing in the base game, you will be tempted by the gamble feature in two scenarios.

1.     If you have won more than 100x in the base game you can choose to collect your win or choose to collect an offer of 12 free spins + 1EUR.
2.     If you win between 25x and 100x your bet, you will have the option of collecting your bet or collecting 12 free spins in the bonus round.



Bonanza Falls Slot Review


Bonus Buy feature

The bonus buy feature allows you to buy the bonus at 100x your bet so if, for example, you are betting $2.60 per spin, you can buy the 12 free spins bonus round for $260.




The free spins bonus round features

The free spins bonus round is triggered by getting the scatter symbols spelling G,O,L,D anywhere on the reels.

Bonanza Falls Slot



This awards 12 free spins.

When a +4 scatter falls during the free spins bonus round you will get an additional 4 free spins to your round.



Maga dozer feature

Bonanza Slot

The Mega dozer feature appears in the free spins bonus round as a coins fall feature. As the coins fall they can turn into one of the following on the slot.

A Multiplier Wild
This is a Wild that can have a multiplier of up to 5x.

A Multiplier precious stone symbol
This will appear as one of the precious stone symbols(Diamond, red, green, blue) with a multiplier up to 10x.

The free spins multiplier
This is the multiplier that increases with every win.





Bonanza Falls Pay Tables High Symbols






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