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Street Fighter 2 Slot Review | Big Wins, Free Spins & Where to Play


Street Fighter 2 Slot



Arguably the most anticipated slot of the year from NetEnt, Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot is finally here.

It launched officially on at all NetEnt Casinos on May 20th 2020 amid unprecedented fan fare.

In fact, we haven’t seen this much hype for a slot since last years monumental release of the Dead or Alive 2 Slot.


Shameless plug, Watch our Dead or Alive 2 Slot massive BIG WIN video to see what all the hype is about.


Back to Street Fighter 2.


When it officially dropped we waited till we got some solid spins in on it and so we could give you proper first impressions.



Where to play the Street Fighter 2 Slot


Play Street Fighter 2 Slot PlayOJO Casino



Play Street Fighter 2 Slot Energy Casino Play Street Fighter 2 Slot




What we liked about the Street Fighter 2 Slot


1. NetEnt has moved the evolution of slot games forward and built a a new solid engine which brings the video game mechanics into a slot and makes for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

For instance, you get to choose characters with different unique attributes and the mechanics are built around an actual battle just like in the video game.



2. The graphics are crisp and really bring back the nostalgia off the original Street Fighter 2 game that is built on.



3. This baby isn’t just fun, it has BIG WIN potential as can be seen from our Street Fighter 2 Big Win video




What we didn’t like about Street Fighter 2


Street Fighter 2 Slot


The battles always leads to two possible outcomes, either the Car Smash Bonus Game or the Boss Bonus Free Spins Game.

95% of the time when you’re losing a battle and heading towards the Car Smash Bonus Game outcome, there was no case where you could turn the fight around and end up defeating your opponent and winning the Boss Bonus Free Spins game.

In fact, when you see that you’re going to lose and end up in the less profitable Car Smash Game, you’re better off ending the game and playing something else because what you need is to win that Boss Bonus Free Spins Game to make some real money from this slot.




Street Fighter 2 Slot Review 


The Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot is a 5×5 Cluster Pay Slot with an RTP of 96.6% and Medium to High Volatility.

The Cluster Pay mechanics is NetEnt’s own algorithm which you may have seen used in slots like Aloha! Cluster Pays.

The Street Fighter 2 Slot is themed around the 1991 video game of the same name and NetEnt has successfully taken it and merged the arcade game and slot mechanics into a futuristic gamification online slot.


The Slot allows you to choose to play from 8 different characters with their own special WILD ability.




The Street Fighter 2 Slot Characters


The characters are Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, Blanka, Zangief, Chun Li, E-Honda and Guile.

Street Fighter 2 Slot


If you’re looking for Big wins, that is higher volatility, then you should play Zangief, Chun Li, Blanka or Ken.

If you’re more conservative and want to see more wins, by all means team up with with Dhalsim, E-Honda, Ryu or Guile.

Each comes with their own unique Wild features.


Street Fighter 2 Slot



Ryu: 3 Wild Symbols Randomly on the Reels
Ken: 1 Single Wild or 5 Horizontal Wilds on the Reels
E.Honda: 3 Wilds Randomly on the Reels
Blanka: 1 Single Wild or 5 Vertical Wilds on the Reels
Dhalsim: 3 or 4 Wilds Randomly on the Reels
Chun Li: 2 or 7 Wilds Randomly on the Reels
Guile: 2 Vertical Stacks of 2 Wilds Reels
Zangief: 2 Horizontal Stacks of 2 Wilds on the Reels



Street Fighter 2 Slot –  Car Smash Game


Street Fighter 2 Slot


During regular game play, if you are defeated, you will have to play the Car Smash Game.

The Car Smash Game is quite unique and never have you seen control of this nature given to a player on a slot machine.


NetEnt has taken the actual mechanics of the original game and placed them in the slot.

So this means you can control the joy stick to move back and forward and jump and use the letters P to punch and K to kick just like in the arcade game.


As you smash away you win cash.


Theres also a Quick Finish button that cuts to the chase and gives you the prize if you don’t want to actually play the game.


So the millionaire dollar question is:

“Does it make a difference to physically play the Car Smash Game or should i just press Quick Finish?”

After playing the slot for a long while, we found that 90% of the time, actually playing the Car Smash game with the joystick and manually punching and kicking yielded more wins than just pressing Quick Finish.




Street Fighter 2 Slot – Boss Free Spins Game


Street Fighter 2 Slot


If you defeat your opponent, you will get to play the Beat the Boss Free Game Slot and this is where all the real money is made.

The Boss Free Spins Game comprises you fighting four different characters, Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M.Bison.


The Boss Levels start off as follows:

Level 1: Battle BalRog, 2X Multiplier

Level 2: Battle Vega, 3X Multiplier

Level 3: Battle Sagat, 5x Multiplier

Level 4 [Final Level]: Battle M.Bison, 10X Multiplier


During the Beat the Boss Free Spins, your players Wild will be reset for each spin and each high value symbol that forms a winning combination will be added to the Wild Gauge.

When 7 Wilds have filled the gauge, your character will shoot a Wild Combo onto the reels when there is no winning combination on the reels.


Street Fighter 2 Slot

Wild Combo Feature: After the gauge is filled a Wild Combo will be shot onto the Reels when theres no winning combination



As you beat all the bosses in the game and finally meet M.Bison and defeat him too, you will get an extra 100X your bet for your achievement.






Street Fighter 2 Slot – Insert Coin Gamble Feature


Street Fighter 2 Slot Gamble Feature


Some casinos, will have the Insert Coin Gamble feature at certain levels of the beat the boss free spins game which will allow you to replay the level if you feel like you may be able to win bigger second time around.

  • Note that not all casinos have this feature activated, it is activated at the discretion of the individual casino.


For example, in our Street Fighter 2 big win video, we lost to M.Bison but we could have had another chance to play the M.Bison battle again at a cost of 3,755.50.

Ofcourse I thought this would be madness and took my money and ran!



The RTP of the game goes from 96.06% to a STAGGERING 98.7%-100% when you choose the Insert Coin Gamble Feature so the likely hood of you making even more money using the gamble feature are significantly higher than in the normal Boss game.




Street Fighter 2 Slot –  Final Thoughts


NetEnt has managed to move the industry forward with the gamification of the online slot, which is a big win for NetEnt.

The slot is solid fun which will keep you entertained because of the diverse characters  and bonus games.

All in all a super enjoyable game and we score it a solid 95% Approval rating.



Street Fighter 2 FAQ


🥋Who made the Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Online Slot?

The Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot is made by NetEnt.



🤼‍♂️When will the Street Fighter 2 slot be released?

The Street Fighter 2 Slot will be released on 21st May 2020.



🥊Does the Street Fighter 2 Slot have a bonus game?

Yes the Street Fighter 2 Slot has 2 bonus games, namely the Car Crash Game and the Beat the Boss Free Spins Game.



🥋What is the maximum multiplier in the Street Fighter 2 Slot free spins game?

The maximum multiplier is 10x during the battle with M.Bison and if you defeat him, you will get an extra 100x your bet as a bonus win.


🥋Where can I play the Street Fighter 2 Slot?

You can play the Street Fighter 2 Slot at the following reputable online casinos:


Omni Slots
Kassu Casino
Mr Green
Energy Casino
Casino Cruise





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